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Buy Cattani Compressors Online

We have the biggest online inventory of dental equipment and supplies with the best customer service in Australia.

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Cattani Compressors Online

Buy Cattani Compressors Online

We have the biggest online inventory of dental equipment and supplies with the best customer service in Australia.

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Across the Australian dental industry, the name ‘Cattani’ represents reliability and the highest standard of quality. As a dentist, you can’t afford to have equipment that isn’t reliable and high-quality. That’s why you’re shopping for a new Cattani compressor.

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Trusted Cattani Compressors
Dental Compressor Models

What kind of air compressor does your Australian dental clinic need? We offer several high-quality Cattani models including:


Cattani AC100 Compressor

This compressor model is perfect for a single chair. If you only need a compressor to power just one dental chair, then you can count on Cattani for delivering a model that’s dependable and low-maintenance.


Cattani AC200/
Cattani K200 Compressor

For a practice that has 2-3 chairs, this Cattani model works great. As with all of the other compressors, you can opt for the same model that’s been modified to generate even less sound.


Cattani AC300 Compressor

Supply power to up to four dental chairs in your clinic with the AC300 from Cattani. Choose the AC300Q to offer a quieter experience to your patients. Cattani’s patented silver ion coating inside this and all the other compressor tanks is assured to prevent microbial growth

All our compressors come with a sizeable warranty that covers any needed parts and labour over that course of time. This reflects the confidence that the Cattani company has in the quality and durability of its dental equipment.

Each and every compressor unit built on-site in Parma, Italy is carefully tested to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and safely. An Italian made Cattani compressor is then shipped right to you in Australia.

You can’t go wrong with choosing an air compressor from Cattani! A quality dental air compressor is a significant investment for your clinic, but it’s worth it. Choosing an air compressor of such outstanding quality will give you and your hygienists many worry-free years to safely treat your patients without giving your compressor system a single thought.

Why Cattani Dental Equipment?

Cattani focuses intensely on developing compressors and suction systems that are quiet and efficient and don’t need oil for lubrication. This means that Cattani is pouring the majority of their resources into creating the best dental equipment possible. With decades of experience in designing and producing quality equipment, Cattani is a name you can trust.



Get Free Shipping on all orders over $500 and free returns to our Sydney returns centre! Items are dispatched from Sydney and will arrive in 3-7 days.



At Cattani Air Compressors, we understand how important it is to have the right products in order to provide your patients with optimal care.



We have aligned ourselves with the industry’s leading manufacturers so you can be confident you are getting the best products available at the best price.

What to Look for in a Dental Air Compressor Like Cattani

Dental air compressors used to be lubricated with oil. But there’s been an increasing shift towards oil-free compressors since the oily residue is not a pleasant sensation for patients to experience.

There is another issue that affects dental air compressors: moisture accumulation. When air is compressed, the water content that was in it also condenses and can provide a haven for bacterial buildup, leading to an unsanitary compressor.

An efficient, safe and patient-friendly modern compressor should be:

  • Oil-free
  • Dry (having a system to dry out water in the compressed air)
  • Quiet (to avoid bothering your patients)
  • Maintenance-free (to save you time)

All of Cattani’s dental air compressors meet these qualifications!

Suction Systems from Cattani

Whether dry or wet, a Cattani suction system is sure to work for you. For example, Cattani’s Turbo SMART Semi Wet suction system can serve anywhere from two to twenty chairs. Talk about versatility! We’re happy to help you choose that perfect Cattani suction system for your clinic.

Choose Us for Your Cattani Air Compressor

Cattani Air Compressors is based locally right here in Australia. Even though we source a curated selection of the finest products from all over the world, we make them easy for you to access and we make sure that there is a real person right here in Australia available for you to speak with whenever you have questions or concerns about your compressor from Cattani.

Just like the Cattani company, we want to help you do your job and meet the needs of your patients by providing the very best care. That’s why we are proud to supply Cattani air compressors. We also do more than that; we make sure that you get the most affordable price and even help you out with the compressor installation.

Cattani Air Compressors has close to 20 years of experience working side-by-side with dentists just like you. We know what kind of challenges you face, and our goal is to empower you to meet those challenges. Cattani is a very special brand that helps us to help you. By offering Cattani air compressors, we offer you both quality and affordability to keep your clinic moving forward.

Like Our Cattani Air Compressor Offers? You’ll Love Our Other Deals, Too!

We strive to offer a vast range of surgery supplies and consumables for dentists like you to choose from. We offer far more in addition to compressors from Cattani. In fact, we have the biggest dental range online when it comes to equipment and supplies for dentists.

We work with other award-winning dental surgery supply companies such as Melag and NSK.

Some of our current special deals include:

  • Surgical packs: Get all of the drapes and barriers you need to set up for an implant procedure with this All in One Implant Drape Kit.
  • We can set you up with a 30% savings on NSK surgical items
  • Interested in a Melag autoclave and other sterilisation supplies? We’ve got you covered.

Call us today to learn more about these and other deals on Cattani air compressors.

We make it easy to browse through dental air compressors and choose the right equipment for your clinic. You can shop online for quality equipment like Cattani using our catalogue. Don’t miss a single issue because we’re constantly updating it to reflect the best deals on dental supplies that we can find. Let us pass those savings on to you and your clinic!

Need a new dental compressor?

Purchasing a quality Cattani compressor can save your clinic money. We’ll help you save money on an oil-free Cattani compressor. Call us today to speak with a representative and ask about our compressors and suction systems.