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The Cattani K200 Compressor!

Do you know what you need in a compressor? The creator of the Cattani K200 compressor knows how to make the perfect machines for dental clinics and surgeries including smart suction systems.

The Best Features in a Compressor

In years past, compressors had to be lubricated with oil. This caused an unpleasant experience for patients who had oily dental drills being used in their mouths. Modern machines such as the Cattani K200 should be oil-free for the best treatment experience.

The best compressor used in dentistry should produce clean air at all times. The ones Cattani manufacture like the Cattani K200 compressor consistently put out hygienic air thanks to an antimicrobial coating inside each cylinder and optimum drying technology. Additionally, each unit has an optional feature for reducing sound.

Compressors should also be affordable and easy to maintain. The Cattani K200 compressor is just one example of equipment that can save you money. This and other products are very low-maintenance which means you won’t have to spend time fixing them instead of fixing teeth.

You should also look for a significant warranty on your next piece of equipment. Models like the Cattani K200 and AC200 come with lengthy warranties on parts and labour that prove the company’s confidence in their products. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs for many years after your purchase.

Choose the Best Option with Cattani Compressors

Browse top quality compressors of the market by shopping through our team. We curate the best deals on dental surgery and clinical supplies to save you time and money.

Whether you need a Cattani K200 compressor, turbo smart suction system or other equipment for surgeries and treatment, you can count on our team to supply you with the largest range of dentistry-related consumables, technology and tools to choose from.