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Buy Online the Cattani AC100, Leader of Dental Air Compressors!

You don’t have time to deal with faulty dental compressors and high maintenance costs. You need one that’s reliable and affordable like the Cattani AC100.

One of the best compressors is the AC100. Cattani makes a range of dependable equipment including suction systems. This range starts with the basic yet powerful single cylinder compressor, the AC100.

Cattani AC100: Trusted Worldwide

The Cattani AC100 is a single cylinder compressor designed for one chair and it’s free of oil. The AC100 doesn’t make much noise, but you can still choose the AC100Q (which has a cover) that makes even less sound and is a version of the AC100. Cattani also makes a quality dryer to minimise moisture in compressor tanks, reducing maintenance costs. You can purchase this dryer as an add-on.

Save Time, Save Money

Here are a few reasons why we know you’ll love your Cattani AC100:

  • Seven-year warranty to ensure worry-free functioning of your AC100
  • Cattani compressors deliver clean dry air with no oil every time
  • AC100 means easy installation and less maintenance for you

Should you buy an AC100? Cattani customers around the world guarantee it’s worth it. Your Cattani AC100 could be the best investment you’ll make in your clinic or surgery.

Contact us to learn more about the AC100. Cattani and a range of other surgery supplies are sold here at Critical Dental.

Value, long term reliability and customer service is where it’s at in dentistry right now if you want to survive the long haul. These key ingredients are core values of Critical Dental and you should look no further when you order your equipment.

Dr. Craig Calleia – Custom Smiles

When it came time for me to choose a supplier for my dental equipment, there was no contest. Critical Dental always made sure we had the best of everything so that we could provide optimal treatment to our patients. I will always choose Critical Dental for my equipment supply and install. Their service, professionalism and value cannot be beaten.

Dr. Josine Ferlito – Smiles of Ryde Dental Surgery

I have worked with Critical Dental for over 10 years. Their expertise, promptness and experience are at the top of the dental profession. Their technical support is exceptional, the best I have seen in 27 years in the industry.

Dr. Jason Pireh – Smart Dental