The Cattani AC300: Buy Online Today from Critical Dental

Interested in the Cattani AC300 compressor? No other model can beat the quality that this one delivers. Find out all you need to know about this dental compressor right here at Critical Dental.

The Perfect Dry Air Compressor for Dental Treatment and Surgery

The AC300 is the perfect compressor for a clinic with just three or four chairs. Cattani AC300 is a three-cylinder unit that doesn’t need any oil and produces dry air for the smoothest and most reliable treatment experience. Cattani is synonymous with reliability and will help your patients to feel comfortable in the dental chair.

AC300Q for a Quieter Experience

Do you have some patients who are a bit nervous around noisy dental equipment? Reducing the sound on your air compressor by choosing the AC300Q can make a big difference. This model works the same as the original AC300; it’s just quieter by a little more than five decibels due to a special noise-reducing hood.

Here are a few quick details about this three-cylinder compressor system:

  • Supplies enough compressed air for up to four dental chairs
  • Weighs 64 kilograms
  • Produces a max air flow of 238 Nl/minute at 5 bar

Your Cattani Guarantee

The Cattani Australasia family guarantees that you’re going to love your new air compressor. They stand behind their equipment with so much confidence that every Cattani compressor is backed by a substantial warranty, from the tank to each cylinder to every single hose and wiring mechanism.

You can work worry-free as you offer your patients the highest quality care possible while your Cattani AC300 is quietly and reliably producing clean dry and oil-free air.

This particular air compressor doesn’t need much maintenance. It’s so low-maintenance, in fact, that you might even forget it’s there!

Ready to Purchase a Cattani AC300 Compressor?

If you’re ready to select the perfect air compressor for your dental clinic, let us help. Cattani has the right product for producing the compressed air your practice depends on – the Cattani AC300. We can supply you with the Cattani equipment you need including compressors and suction systems.

Critical Dental has been working alongside dentists in Australia for the past 19 years, supplying them with great quality equipment and consumables.

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Value, long term reliability and customer service is where it’s at in dentistry right now if you want to survive the long haul. These key ingredients are core values of Critical Dental and you should look no further when you order your equipment.

Dr. Craig Calleia – Custom Smiles

When it came time for me to choose a supplier for my dental equipment, there was no contest. Critical Dental always made sure we had the best of everything so that we could provide optimal treatment to our patients. I will always choose Critical Dental for my equipment supply and install. Their service, professionalism and value cannot be beaten.

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I have worked with Critical Dental for over 10 years. Their expertise, promptness and experience are at the top of the dental profession. Their technical support is exceptional, the best I have seen in 27 years in the industry.

Dr. Jason Pireh – Smart Dental