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An air compressor at dental clinics makes it possible for surgeons to ex

amine oral cavities, and to perform just about any procedure on the teeth, or surrounding soft tissues. It is the equipment that basically makes handpieces function smoothly without interruption. Compressors power these mechanical hand held tools that are used for restorative work, oral surgery, tooth preparation, scaling, cosmetic dental treatments, and just about every other procedure one can think of, that takes place in a dental office. Cattani compressor is perhaps the most durable of all air compressors available today, owing to its outstanding efficiency and oil-free functionality.

All dental surgeons require a steady supply of clean air that is completely dry, free of contaminants, and devoid of any harmful gases – Cattani ensures all this and more with state-of-the-art, highly advanced units built for facilities of all sizes.


What makes the Cattani compressor better than other air compressors available in the market?

There are two types of air compressors that are available for dental use in the market today; oil-less compressors and lubricated compressors. There was a time when clinicians used to think that the former was a better quality because it produced less noise, and there was less wear and tear observed over a long period of time. Oil-free varieties required frequent repairs and replacement which made them a financial burden.

Cattani has succeeded in developing an oil-free compressor that has pistons coated with a self-lubricating material. This offers all beneficial properties of lubricated compressors, but without any chances of air contamination. The compressed air in the chamber remains clean and free of pollutants, while the moving parts of the compressor stay free of wear and damage for years at a stretch. The Cattani compressor therefore combines the very best of both kinds of equipment available, giving clinic owners a third option that is perhaps the best investment for their facility.

How do Cattani compressors work?

With multiple quality certifications, every Cattani compressor is built to be highly versatile, and eco-sustainable. A Cattani compressor is designed to meet all the requirements of a modern oral healthcare facility for surgeons as well as researchers. Extensive research and the use of top-of-the-line materials has made it possible for Cattani to develop equipment that every modern clinic needs to function smoothly.

The compressors work using multiple filters which guarantee pure, dry compressed air whenever needed.  To ensure unmatched air quality, all tanks are coated with alimentary resin, which also contributes towards good air conservation.  Even though Cattani compressors are completely oil-less, noise reducing plastic is used to cover the tank which effectively reduces sound pressure level from 4dB to 9dB – a quality that makes the Cattani compressor an ideal choice even for small sized private practices. All the motors used for manufacturing Cattani units are built in accordance to the regulations of North America.  


How does one choose the right compressor for a dental practice?

Cattani is home to a large range of equipment designed for dental practices of all sizes. We have a wide variety of compressors that will make it easy for you to choose the one that meets your requirements best. Every Cattani compressor is 100% oil-free and guarantees uninterrupted supply of clean, pure, dry air. You can select a model based on the size of your practice, and the procedures you specialise in. For instance, if your practice offers same-day dentistry and cosmetic solutions, you may want to look into our Horizontal Dry Compressor which works best with CAD/CAM equipment. Our horizontal cylinder compressors are the most popular among owners of private clinics owing to their noise control and pollutant-free air properties. 

Whether you are a solo practitioner with a single dental chair at your office, or the head of a large sized oral healthcare establishment that caters to the needs of hundreds of patients daily, we guarantee that you will find what you need, and perhaps more, at Cattani.
Some of the popular models in our range include 1, 2 and 3 cylinder compressors, single and twin head compressors, and six cylinder twin and triple head compressors.  


How much does a Cattani compressor cost?

The cost of every Cattani air compressor varies with model and size, and basically depends upon the requirements of the dental practice. For instance the twin head cylinder compressors can cost between $6700 and $7800. It is important to remember that oil-less air compressors with self-lubricating mechanism are a one-time investment for clinic owners that value air quality and patient satisfaction with every procedure. Single head compressors are available for under $5000, and are ideal for small-sized private specialty practices. 

Some of the most prominent features that make Cattani compressors better than other air compressors include:

  • Sterilising filters that can fit all models 
  • Oil-less compressors that guarantee top-notch pure, dry air quality
  • Pistons and moving parts coated with lubricant to minimize chances of wear and damage 
  • Tanks covered with plastic noise-reducing components 
  • Compressors fitted with 4 filters that ensure excellent conservation and supply of air 
  • Designed to make the equipment fit into dental practices of any and all sizes

If you wish to learn more about Cattani compressors and how they are different from other varieties currently available in the market, feel free to give us a call: (02) 8880 9257. We will also assist you in choosing the Cattani compressor that best fits your needs and the requirements of your dental practice!