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Whether you are starting up a new dental practice or are interested in refurbishing your current one, dental air compressors are an essential piece of dental equipment. They help your dental team deliver the quality of care your patients expect.

Many dentists don’t realise that without a quality compressor, like Cattani dental air compressors, your practice or clinic would suffer from low productivity levels, unsanitary compressed air, and high noise levels emanating from other dental equipment.

What are dental compressors?

Dental air compressors like those from Cattani are an integral part of a full-service dental practice. Cattani compressors pressurise the surrounding air to use in dental procedures.

In simple terms, once the oxygen has been introduced into the machine, it will be compressed, cleaned and dried for later use.

How do they do this? Cattani compressors lower the dew point of the air and remove any impurities or harmful bacteria spores with the help of an inline filtration system.

Handsets, drills, and other dental tools use this air for different purposes, whether it is to blast away food particles or debris stuck between the teeth or to dry the tooth surface when applying bonding materials.

If modern dentists did not use dental compressors, they would not have easy access to clean, pressurised air ready to use for their various dental surgeries and procedures.

Is there a leading compressor brand in today’s market?

The most critical attribute of a dental air compressor is the purity of the air passing from the equipment to the tool and eventually into the patient’s mouth. Poor air quality can also lead to the premature breakdown of your compressor and even corrode your delicate pneumatic dental tools.


The dental industry recognises Cattani compressors as the top compressors on the market today. Cattani’s models offer excellent performance, are oil-free, and reduce sound output when in use. Since they provide clean, dry air without any oil residue, the machines are incredibly low maintenance. 

Just because Cattani machines are oil-free does not mean they have a shorter lifespan. Cattani compressors are self-lubricating and don’t show any sizable amounts of wear and tear, even after 10,000 hours of continuous use. 

Cattani’s oiless models are lightweight and tend to outperform their oiled counterparts and dentists don’t have to worry about changing the filters. A Cattani oil-free compressor also poses a lower risk of contaminating the air with lubricant.    

How do Cattani compressors help dentists in Australia?

Dentists everywhere need compressed air, that is 100% dry, clean, and sterile. By turning to Cattani dental products, you are one step closer to creating the perfect sterile environment needed for all your dental treatments and surgeries. 

As a brand, Cattani focuses on developing excellent dental-related products like quiet compressors and suction systems, neither of which need oil. Cattani uses its resources to create the best possible machines and accessories for dentists across the globe. 

As a result, Cattani compressors are:

  • Efficient and safe for patients 
  • Quiet 
  • Dental staff and patient-friendly
  • Oil-free
  • Equipped with a dry system which removes water molecules in compressed air 
  • Maintenance-free thanks to the absence of oil in the compression chambers

Since Cattani dental compressors are oil and moisture-free, the compressed air and the machine are more hygienic. No harmful fumes from the oil are housed and exposed to the air molecules. On the other hand, since the compressed air is completely dry, bacteria cannot breed, keeping the air (and container) sterile. 

Because the air quality of the Cattani dental compressors is so high, your patients are safe from unknowingly ingesting harmful microorganisms, and your other expensive pieces of equipment will have a longer lifespan, regardless of daily use. 

Every single Cattani compressor is created with attention to detail in Cattani’s headquarters in Parma, Italy. After fabrication, each Cattani compressor is tested for functionality and safety before being shipped to your practice in Australia. 

Although every single Cattani dental product, like their compressors, is the right choice, it is still vital to choose the appropriately sized Cattani dental air compression model for your practice.  

Which Cattani dental compressors should I choose for my clinic?

The air capacity refers to how much air volume your Cattani compressor can produce at a given time and is referred to as a duty cycle. This is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). You will need a Cattani compressor that produces more volume than the minimum requirement of your dental tools.  

For example, handtools may use a 25% duty cycle, but if you are performing a complex surgery, you may need to increase your CFM requirement. The Cattani Compressors team can help you determine the most suitable Cattani model based upon the size of your clinic and how many chairs you are operating.  

All Cattani products come with a warranty which covers repairs and parts for up to 7 years, which reinforces the company’s confidence in their products.  


Buying a Cattani compressor with confidence

Family-owned business, Cattani Compressors has been operating online for almost two decades, providing Australian dentists with the equipment and supplies they need, such as Cattani dental compressors. We understand that when it comes to building a reputable dental practice you need the right tools to get the job done because your patients are counting on you.  

The Cattani Compressors team is excited to deliver the highest quality and affordable dental supplies to our nation’s dentists. If you need help selecting the right Cattani air compressor for your practice, please call us on (02) 8880 9257.