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From patient visits to dental surgery, the day-to-day workings of dental facilities rely on the right equipment. If equipment fails or malfunctions, the entire practice can experience a set-back. Air compressors are an integral part of a dental practice. What is a good air compressor? How do you seek out quality when buying a compressor? How might choosing an air compressor be made easy?


What is an air compressor? 

An air compressor is of critical importance to a dental practice. It powers hand tools and handpieces, handpiece cleaners, and other functions of dental practices and centres for treatment. In order to perform this function safely and efficiently, a good air compressor must do the following:

  • Lower the dew point of compressed air
  • Dry out the air as it is filtered into the compressor to eliminate bacteria
  • Compress, dry, clean, and safely store air

Once you understand all the functions of an air compressor, you can then turn to the task of deciding what is a good air compressor for my practice?


What makes a bad air compressor? 

A good air compressor is reliable, simple to use, and easy to maintain. Here are some common problems one might encounter when using a bad air compressor:

  • Milky oil in oil reservoir
  • Excessive noise
  • Poor air filtration
  • Inadequate air intake
  • Insufficient air pressure
  • Defective crankcase

To reduce the risk of encountering these problems, it’s essential to invest in a quality air compressor, preferably an oil-free compressor.


The value of oil-free compressors

Many dentists turn to oil-free air compressors, as they are remarkably low-maintenance and easily produce clean, dry air. They also do not require filter changes as frequently as an oil air compressor.

Cattani Air Compressors from Cattani Compressors supplies oil-free compressors and has done so for years. 

Oil-lubricated air compressors require more maintenance, more frequent filter changes, and produce oil vapor. This oil vapor can negatively impact the health of equipment, employees, and patients.


What makes an air compressor right for your practice?

There are some common pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a compressor. Often, compressors fail when they are not big enough for the output required. A customer service representative at Cattani Compressors can help you estimate how much you will use your compressor and what unit size you need.

Choosing an air compressor that easily meets or exceeds your output needs is critical in air compressor longevity.

If you have recently moved or expanded your practice, it might be time to consider buying a larger compressor. Also, consider the compressor head design. Look for devices that produce minimal vibration, noise, and mechanical wear. This will impact the life of the compressor as well as the tranquility of the dental practice.


Types of air compressors  

Here are some specific types of air compressors that might benefit your dental practice, with a range of size and output options. All are oil-free.

  • Cattani AC100
    • This is a small, easy-to-install, quiet, single-cylinder air compressor. It’s designed for one chair and is perfect for a smaller practice without a lot of output requirements.
  • Cattani AC200
    • If you’re moving up to two or even three chairs, this is an excellent air compressor option. Not too big and not too small; it is remarkably efficient at reducing moisture and is even quieter than the AC100.
  • Cattani AC 300
    • This is model can accommodate up to four chairs at a time and is perfect for a larger practice.


The little things

Additionally, look for the following when shopping for a compressor:

  • Warranty: does the device come with a warranty?
  • Desiccant drying and cooling systems: are the drying and cooling systems efficient and hygienic?
  • High-pressure hoses: will the air pressure be supplied efficiently?

Consider Cattani Compressors

Cattani Compressors has been in the business of supplying high-quality Cattani Air Compressors for years. As a family-run and family-owned company, Cattani Compressors is  personally invested in answering questions and helping you find reliable dental equipment. Contact Cattani Compressors today on our easy-to-use online form or call us on (02) 8880 9257 and experience air compressors made easy.