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A successful dental practice relies on an array of tools to perform quality work. A portable dental compressor is critical for powering handpieces, cleaning tools and more, throughout the day. But since a dental air compressor is the backbone of keeping your practice running well day-to-day, it is essential to choose one from a trustworthy brand with a commitment to excellence. A Cattani compressor is an excellent choice. The company has a long history of dedication to crafting top-notch dental compressors.


How Does an Air Compressor Work?

Dental air compressors provide high-performance power to your precision tools. The air delivery system creates a more productive environment for detailed dental procedures.

The energy of the air compressor is obtained from forcing increasing amounts of air, via a reciprocating piston mechanism, into a storage tank. The larger the container, the greater the number of dental chairs the compressor can power. There are single, double and triple storage tank sizes to suit any sized dental practice.


Common Compressor Problems

A high-quality dental air compressor should be clean, quiet and powerful. One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a portable dental compressor is oil. Oil is typically required for lubrication, and it can be messy and off-putting to clients. Cattani compressors do not use oil, so they are easier to maintain and provide a more comfortable experience for your patients.

dental air compressor portable dental compressor cattani australia

You may encounter some of these common problems with a low-quality air compressor:


  • Inadequate air intake
  • Excessive noise
  • Insufficient air pressure
  • Milky oil in the oil reservoir
  • Defective crankcase

A portable dental compressor that runs on oil requires more upkeep. The air filters of those compressors need to be changed more often, and they do not operate as dryly. Moisture build-up can be an issue, increasing the likelihood of unsanitary bacteria build-up. This is not the case with oil-less Cattani compressors. 


Cattani Dental Compressor Models

Cattani offers several oil-free dental compressors and suction systems, designed with cutting edge technology for maximum effect. They produce several types and sizes to suit a variety of office set-ups. Some of their dental air compressor models include:

  • Cattani AC100 Compressor: This dependable and low-maintenance model is perfect for one dental chair. Simplicity in design provides the dental practitioner with the quiet power they need with minimum fuss.
  • Cattani AC200/Cattani K200 Compressor: This compressor is sized for a practice with 2-3 dental chairs. Still crafted with the signature Cattani dedication to excellence. Like all other Cattani compressors, this model is coated on the interior with Cattani’s patented silver ion layer to prevent microbial growth.
  • Cattani AC300 Compressor: You can supply power for up to four dental chairs with this air compressor model, providing many hours of smooth-running time. You can also upgrade to the quieter version, the AC300Q, for an even more comfortable experience for your clients.

All Cattani compressors come with substantial warranties because the company has confidence that their dental air compressors are built for reliability and durability.


Compressor Safety Requirements

Dental air compressors use active air for practical applications, which means that there are specific sanitary and safety regulations for portable dental compressors. Dental compressors use air to deliver power to dental handpieces, but they also provide breathable air to patients, which is cause for stricter air handling requirements

Dental compressor air is used to clean and dry clients’ mouths, so the dental compressors must meet strict health and safety guidelines. Cattani compressors have a system in place to draw water out of the compressed air, to increase safety and reduce the chance of bacterial accumulation.

Air filters are also required to maximize further the purity of the air used. With oil compressors, the air filter gets dirtier faster and needs to be changed more often. The oil used for lubrication puts of vapours that clog the filter more rapidly. Fortunately, Cattani’s range of oil-free dental compressors run cleaner in general and do not need regularly scheduled maintenance as often.


In Conclusion

A portable dental air compressor is a primary tool for successfully running your dental practice. It is vital to invest in a dental compressor that is reliable, durable and trustworthy. The quality of your patient care rests on your ability to perform dental procedures efficiently and cleanly all the while making your client as comfortable as possible.


For high-quality dental air compressors, look to Cattani compressors supplied by Cattani Compressors. We are a family-run business with decades of dedication to the dental profession in Australia. Call us today on (02) 8880 9257.