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Air quality in your dental practice matters. So, we are proud to offer a range of dental oil free air compressors by Cattani which produce clean, high-quality compressed air for powering your practice. Learn more about the benefits of a Cattani compressor and some of the oil free Cattani compressors we have available.


Benefits of Oil Free Over Lubricated Air Compressors

At Cattani Compressors, we understand the importance of a dental oil free air compressor for your business, and there are many benefits to using an oil free compressor over other types of compressors including:

  • Less maintenance and cleaning such as changing oil filters so you can spend more time interacting with your patients.
  • Fewer complications such as contaminated air or oil vapor leaks
  • Sound reduction for a more pleasant patient experience
  • Simple to run
  • Better reliability due to fewer parts changes


Types of Oil Free Cattani Compressor

At Cattani Compressors, we are pleased to offer a range of different kinds of Cattani compressor to suit the needs of your dental practice.


Single Chair Surgery


  • AC100 Cattani Compressor

The AC100 is the ideal compressor for your single chair surgery. It features a 230V 50Hz 3.8A 0.55kW motor for reliable and effective operation and has a 30L tank capacity which has a maximum air flow of 67.5 NL/min, so you always have compressed air when you need it.

To keep the compressed air safe and hygienic for your patients, the AC100 tank is coated with a patented silver ion coating which is antimicrobial. The internal components are also coated to prevent mechanical deterioration. 

For smaller surgeries, try the AC100Q series which is suitable for surgeries where the treatment and staff rooms are close to the plant room as it offers significant noise reduction features which lower the sound to 63 dB to keep your patients happy and calm. 

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Multiple Chair Surgery


  • AC200 Series and AC300 Series Cattani Compressor

If you operate a multiple chair surgery, you need a dental oil free air compressor with a larger overall output and a motor that you can rely on. The AC200 Cattani compressor has a robust  230V 50Hz 7.7A 1.2kW motor that has a maximum air flow of 160 NL/min and a 30L tank capacity. 

The AC200 is compatible with the Cattani acoustic sound cover to limit the noise in your surgery to a whisper quiet 53 dB. Alternatively, the AC200Q features noise dampening technology to reduce the noise output to 63dB. 

To maintain high air quality in your multi-chair surgery, the AC200 is compatible with H14 hepa filters which are easy to clean or replace. And for humid climates, you can fit the AC200 with an additional pre-filter dryer to remove the bulk of the moisture from the air before it enters the drying column to help your Cattani compressor operate more efficiently.




  • AC2400 Cattani Compressor

Dental hospitals perform a high volume of dental procedures every day, so you need an oil free air compressor to maintain a consistent volume of medical quality compressed air. The AC2400 Cattani air compressor is capable of supplying compressed air for up to 32 dental chairs with a high capacity 300L air tank and a powerful 3PH, 400V, 46 A, 18 kW motor that blasts air at 1680 NL/min.


Milling Applications

For dental surgeries and hospitals that need compressed air for milling applications like creating bridges or dentures, a standard air compressor does not have the power available to withstand these high friction uses. 

Cattani compressors for use with milling application have been constructed with upgraded parts that allow the air to flow at 10 bar rather than the standard 5 bar. The Cattani air compressors come in a range of sizes from smaller 3-cylinder units to larger 9-cylinder units with multiple dryers for better quality air. 


Final Word

If you want to learn more about which oil free Cattani air compressor is best suited to your dental practice, call Cattani Compressors on (02) 8880 9257 to talk with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.