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Air compressors make the delicate and focused work of the modern dentist much easier. The specialised dental air compressor manufactured by Cattani Compressors utilises the power and technology of purified air to deliver powerful, purified air to the dental instruments you depend on in your practice.


How Do Air Compressors Work?

An air compressor works by drawing in the existing air from the outside, and with a piston driven by an electric or mechanical motor, pushing the air into a holding tank where the air, under pressure, can be used to power tools or to clean equipment. Several different kinds of air compressors perform this task, and they usually differ according to the amount of compressed air that is needed to complete the workload.

For instance, a small dental practice with one or two chairs may not require as much consistent compressed air as a large medical facility or a dental office with several chairs and various treatment options. In some cases, a dental air compressor can be contained within a dental chair, while other larger facilities require a separate room and a more complicated system. In either situation, the Cattani Compressor company has several models and designs that will meet the needs of the practice, from one chair up to 32 chairs.


Purified Air

One of the most important aspects of the use of compressed air in dental work is purified air. In fact, for patient safety and health, the purity of the air expelled from an air compressor is crucial to maintaining a hygienic environment in the dentist’s chair. The Cattani Compressor ensures that compressed air is removed of impurities, including harmful bacteria. This forced air powers many dental tools and is used to clear the procedure area during cleanings, cosmetic treatments, and extractions.

Compressed air has to be free of all harmful particles, while allowing dentists and hygienists to concentrate on the dental procedure, rather than worry about the safety of the patient or the consistent performance of the tools. Understanding how a dental air compressor works to achieve this high level of quality is one way to understand the value of a Cattani Air Compressor in providing the best dental care possible.  

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The Importance of Dew Point

Air is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapour. Dew point temperature is how much water vapour is found in gas. When air is compressed, the dew point temperature changes as the air is compressed. In a dental air compressor, it is essential to control the amount of moisture in the air that is emitted for the use in a dentist’s office because too much moisture in the compressed air can carry bacteria and damage sensitive dental tools. This scientific factor influences how air compressors utilise their internal filtering systems. The Cattani Compressor uses a modern filtering system as well as special air drying systems within the compressor to ensure the highest quality of compressed air for dental use.  

There are international standards for measuring dew point temperature that requires dental compressors to control particle size for any remaining particles, maximum allowable dew point temperature, and maximum remaining oil content if the air compressor uses oil as the lubricating medium. Cattani Compressors are oil-free, unlike traditional air compressors used in industrial operations. This helps reduce the build-up of particles and impurities.


Types of Dental Air Compressors

There are two primary types of dental air compressors available for use in dental clinics. The air compressor that uses oil has a tank in the compressor that holds oil. The bearing uses the oil in the tank to stay lubricated, permitting the piston to operate and compress the air. This type of compressor usually requires filter changes more often to ensure there are no contaminated air or oil vapours. Oil vapour can negatively affect dental equipment and also the patient’s health.  

The oil-free air compressor uses a self-lubricating design to maintain the machine. In most cases, this is preferred because of the safety it provides for the patient. The Cattani Compressor is well-known in the field for their oil-free air compressor design. 


Final Thoughts

An air compressor employs the basic idea of forcing air into a confined space to be used to provide power to operate tools and other tasks that require air under pressure. The dental air compressor works like any other air compressor, except that there are specific international standards for clean, dry air and oil-free vapour that must be maintained for their safe and efficient use. It utilises advanced filtering technology to deliver high-quality, purified air directly to dental tools and patients. 

The Cattani Compressor is manufactured to meet all international standards and to provide long-term and safe performance for any dental practice. We are so confident in the reliability of our air compressors that each one of our compressors comes with a 7-year warranty.

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