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A dental suction unit is a vital part of any dental practice to ensure the comfort of your patients and the health and safety of your employees. Read on to learn more about the various types of dental suction unit and how they work so you can improve the operation of your dental practice.


The Importance of a Dental Suction Unit

The invention of the dental suction unit and dental air compressors transformed the way that dentists perform dental treatments. Where previously patients were treated while sitting vertically, which limited access to teeth and gum tissue at the back of the arch, a dental suction unit enabled dentists to treat patients while lying horizontally in the dentist chair. This paved the way for the development of advanced dental procedures, high-tech dental tools and improved the quality of dental work across the globe.


What is Dental Suction?

During dental treatments, waste water, saliva, blood, and filling materials create a microscopic cloud of debris that is released into the oral cavity and is then exhaled by the patient. Without a high-quality dental suction unit, dentist and dental assistants are at risk of inhaling this debris along with the plethora of microorganisms found inside the human mouth. The patient is also at risk of aspirating the debris into the lungs or potentially choking on the build-up of saliva during the treatment.


How Does a Dental Suction Unit Work?

There are three types of dental suction unit available on the market: wet suction, dry suction and semi-wet suction. Each has their benefits depending on the needs of your dental practice.


Wet Suction

As the name suggests, wet dental suction units use water to create vacuum pressure and propel debris through the aspirator tubes and into the drainage area.

A wet dental suction unit works using an electric motor that powers the vacuum pump. This vacuum pump draws the waste products, air and water through tubing into the pump which separates the liquids from the solids. They also feature a reverse flow valve to eliminate back flow and potential contamination. The liquid waste water is then sent down the drain, while the solids are propelled through a bacterial filter.
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Wet dental suction units are highly reliable; however, they require thorough cleaning and maintenance to avoid bacterial build-up and potential odor problems.

Dry Suction

Unlike wet suction units, a dry dental suction unit does not use water to create vacuum pressure. Dry suction uses centrifugal force to eliminate debris and waste water. Dry suction units also feature in-built amalgam/separator components to remove waste before the air reaches the pump. This often means that the vacuum pump unit is placed in a different location that the suction unit, which has a solids/amalgam container and liquids drain underneath. These units make waste easy to dispose of and reduces the risk of contamination.

Semi-Wet Suction

Semi-wet suction units use the same suction principles as wet suction; however after the waste is collected via the cannula and filtered, it proceeds to a pump unit that is combined with the amalgam separator and drain. Once the waste is separated, the air is filtered and expelled as clean, dry air.

Dental Suction Units at Cattani Compressors

At Cattani Compressors, we carry a range of Cattani dental suction units to suit the needs of your dental practice.

Cattani Micro SMART

The Cattani Micro SMART dental suction unit gives you the best of both types of dental suction unit with its intelligent semi-wet technology. The motor uses inverter technology which means that you can connect multiple chairs to the unit allowing you to expand your practice. It also features Cattani Hydrocyclone technology which is the pinnacle of amalgam separation units.

Micro SMART Cube

For whisper quiet operation, you need the Cattani Micro SMART Cube. The motor is housed in an acoustic dampening shell which reduces decibel levels by half for an operating noise that is no louder than a dental handpiece. The motor has also been reengineered to be more compact and make less of a footprint in your dental practice.

Turbo SMART 

The Turbo SMART dental suction unit offers the same great technology as the Micro SMART unit but also features continual monitoring of the suction being used. This allows the unit to adjust the level of suction to ensure you have constant, powerful suction, no matter how many dental chairs are connected to the unit.

Final Thoughts

Dental suctions units revolutionised dentistry allowing for more complex dental procedures and better comfort and hygiene for patients and dental practitioners. Cattani dental suction units offer the latest in dental suction and vacuum technologies for improved patient experience and more effective waste disposal.

Call Cattani Compressors on (02) 8880 9257 for more information on how Cattani dental suction units can improve your dental practice.