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Running a dental practice takes planning, persistence, and long-term investment in trusted equipment. Many dentists wonder if a used dental air compressor would serve their practice best. While it may be tempting to cut costs by choosing a cheaper dental air compressor option, there is evidence to suggest that this might not be the most cost-effective move in the long run.


Air Compressors and the Dental Practice

Dental air compressors power much of modern dentistry. They run many of a dentist’s tools, kill bacteria, filter air, and compress and store clean air for future use. They’re also sized for different practice capacities, with some dental air compressors suitable for a one-chair practice, while others can power three or four chairs at once.

It’s necessary to find a reliable air compressor that’s suitable for your practice’s individual needs. In addition, dental air compressors have a genuine effect on your practice environment. A noisy air compressor makes for an uncomfortable dental practice atmosphere that feels less peaceful and more anxiety-provoking.

While there may be some used air compressors on the market that fit the bill for size and noise reduction, you then have to ask yourself if the used air compressor you’re considering will last as long as you hope it will.

Is it made by a reliable, trustworthy company? Does that company stand by their products? Many used air compressors lack a guarantee: they’re used, so that means the dental practice is taking on more risk and more cost if that dental air compressor happens to malfunction or break.


The Longevity of Dental Air Compressors 

When you’re considering purchasing a dental air compressor, you also have to consider longevity and reliability. An air compressor malfunction in the practice could lead to several problems.

These can include excess noise, nervous clients, malfunctioning dental handpieces, and appointment cancellations. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to be confident in the quality of your dental air compressor. Cattani Compressors are some of the most reliable in the business, and there are many reasons to trust Cattani Compressors’s Cattani quality. 

dental air compressor used air compressor cattani australia

The Benefits of Cattani Compressors

A Cattani Compressor gives dentists and their staff members several key advantages. As Australia’s largest supplier of dental consumables, Cattani Compressors knows that it can be intimidating to purchase dental air compressors and other dental supplies. That’s why we’re committed to hunting down the best possible deals for you and your team and to help you understand what makes a great Cattani Compressor. 


  • Quiet Operation

The quiet operation of a Cattani Compressor sets it apart from many other models. For example, the Cattani AC200 features an enhanced moisture reduction ability, and an oil-free construction, which makes for less maintenance, reduced upkeep, and greater longevity. 


  • Even Quieter Options

Each of our Cattani Compressor models features the noise-cancelling hood option, which allows you to run a compressor quietly, even in a small office with little equipment storage space. This helps patients feel more comfortable and relaxed, which can translate to a higher client retention rate and continued practice success. When compared with a used air compressor, these well-designed, quiet models are far superior. 


  • Multiple Sizes

We offer a number of Cattani Compressor size options, from a one-chair practice option all the way up to the Cattani AC300, which is a four-chair dental air compressor. 


The Takeaway

The Cattani Compressors team is here to help you find the ideal air compressor for your practice. If you have any questions, call today on (02) 8880 9257. We are here to help you find quality equipment for your dental practice.