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We all know how dentists need to have a decent air compressor in their dental practice. Dental air compressors like the ones from Cattani Compressors are an essential element in performing dental procedures as it produces, cleans, and stores the air that dentists need to make their handpieces work. But what should a business owner or a dentist starting up his own dental practice choose? This article is specifically written to help readers decide when choosing between an oil free compressor vs. oil compressor.


Oil Free Compressor Vs. Oil Compressor

What is the difference between an oil free and an oil compressor? Well, the most important difference they have is the very reason why dentists prefer the other. You see, oil compressors may be good for cars and other mechanical utilities, but when it comes to dental surgery procedures and any treatment that would require clean air pressure, importance of dental compressorthe one you should choose must be an oil-free compressor. The oil vapor can sometimes mix with the pressurised air that it produces, which may be harmful and unhygienic to your patients. Although oil compressors are known to be quieter, some top-of-the-line oil-free compressors can also be made less loud than usual. You would not want to risk the safety of your patients, so it is important to prefer an oil-free dental compressor for your practice.


What Should You Consider when Purchasing a New Dental Compressor?

Once you have decided that an oil-free compressor is the one for you, make sure that you choose a brand that you can rely on to give you efficient results every single use. Cattani Compressors, for instance, can offer you different models and sizes depending on your dental practice’s needs and services. You should also make sure that a dependable maintenance service provider is accessible and a warranty is guaranteed. We, at Cattani Compressors, will be more than willing to refer you to our maintenance partners so they can help you maintain and care for your compressors so it can serve you longer. Contact us now at (02) 8880 9257 for more information about which oil-free compressor you should choose.