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What is the advantage of using portable electric air compressors? How do they help dental professionals do their daily tasks? This article will talk about portable electric air compressors and how they can help dental practices.


Uses of portable electric air compressors

The main use of a portable electric air compressor is to provide clean and compressed air to the different machines and dental handpieces in a dental office. Using compressed air makes the tools are given the power they need to work properly. Compressed air in is also clean and does not put the patient and dental professional at risk for any infections or contamination.


Here is a list of how these tools are used for various dental procedures.

Teeth cleaning

Dental teeth cleaning is one of the most common procedures done in a dental office. When a dentist cleans the teeth of a patient, they use the portable air from an air compressor to power the tool used in the dental cleaning process. Dental handpieces and tools that remove the plaque and tartar that has begun to form on teeth are powered by compressed air.

To power dental handpieces

how does an air compressor workPortable electric air compressors also provide clean air to the other tools and handpieces that are used in the dental procedures. All the tools used in drying teeth in preparation for different dental procedures and the dental handpieces that use dental burs to prepare teeth for the placement of dental fillers all use the air that is stored and provided by a portable electric air compressor.

To provide portable air

Using a portable air compressor is much more convenient because as the name of the machine implies, it is portable and can be carried around to where the dental professional needs it to be. The use of portable air from this type of air compressor is used across many different types of dental procedures that need them.