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Are you a dental professional looking for ways to take your practice on the next level? Cattani Compressors is proud to offer a go-to solution that will help you bring your expertise next to your patient. Try a portable dental unit with compressor so you can maximise the range of your profession and be ready to face the challenges that come your way.


Dental Treatment Anytime, Anywhere

To many of us, receiving proper dental care is solely for the purpose of relieving pain and discomfort. Still, for others, it is a luxury that is not easily afforded because of numerous barriers. Those who are handicapped, have monetary limitations, and those with location concerns, should also be a part of the recipients that need definitive dental care.

As a dentist, you may often get requests to provide services primarily to patients who cannot travel and go to dental clinics. For these kinds of situations, a piece of portable dental equipment comes in handy. It is a one-of-a-kind mobile unit that can provide all your equipment needs on the go.

A portable dental unit is a mobile equipment that opens the possibility of providing dental practices in various places. It is an inexpensive solution for dentists who often practise dental treatment in the field, like those who go on medical missions, house-to-house dental services, and many more.


Portable Dental Equipment

portable dental unit background informationA portable dental unit is one of the major players when it comes to portability and functionality. A mobile dental unit is housed in a suitcase made from solid materials and placed on wheels, durable, and easy to carry. It operates using an electrical source and has an air compressor that integrates oil-free compressed air when working with various dental instruments. It also includes bottles designed for fresh and wastewater, as well as a personal lock system for protection.


How Efficient Is Portable Dental Equipment?

A portable dental unit with air compressor is easy to operate and can be set up even on limited spaces. Its design and features permit the use even when placed on a soft ground, which is a very notable characteristic compared to other equipment.

In some cases where electrical supply is limited, a piece of portable dental equipment is flexible and comes with a small generator, allowing the air compressor to operate.


Convenience Right on Your Hands

Aside from its attractive and sleek appearance, the portable dental unit is multi-functional and convenient to use. Depending on its model and build, it comes in a variety of features such as:



A portable dental unit is lightweight, easy to set-up, and compact. It also has transport wheels that can help you quickly move your equipment from one place to another. In order for a portable dental unit to truly serve its purpose, it must contain relevant components such as its air compressor, water and waste system, vacuum, as well as other necessary equipment needed in dental practise.

Power Options

One of the significant concerns that hinder others from getting a piece of portable dental equipment is the possibility of having productivity issues. However, advanced technology has opened new doors to allow the portable machine to have the capacity to run the portable equipment as in a regular dental clinic setting.

Noise Reduction

Many dental practitioners have significant concerns when it comes to noise reduction, especially when an air compressor is used to run the handpieces. A piece of portable dental equipment works in a low noise setting, which is convenient for use in hospitals, private areas, nursing homes, and other locations.

Aseptic Design

Preventing cross-contamination and the spread of disease is another important focus when it comes to dental practises. Other than an air compressor, a piece of portable dental equipment should come with proper aseptic parameters such as autoclavable equipment, tray tops, and housings. Experts recommend these components to be made out of plastic or metal, which hinders bacteria from thriving.


A well-designed portable dental equipment contains systems that allow smooth operation outside the clinic.


Basic Components of a Portable Dental Unit

When it comes to convenience, a portable dental unit has a complete structure of equipment needed for dentistry.

  • portable dental equipment characteristicsTurbine sockets
  • Air motor sockets
  • Saliva ejector
  • Scaler
  • Curing light
  • 3-way syringe
  • Water supply
  • Air compressor
  • Foot controller


Key Takeaways

In today’s situation, there is a growing need for us to develop solutions for portable dentistry. Innovative techniques come with the evolution of equipment and methods that will help ease dental care practices. Being able to move forward with the increasing demands will undoubtedly improve our functions for a more comprehensive, patient-centred dental care.


Get Your Portable Dental Unit with an Air Compressor from Cattani Compressors

Here at Cattani Compressors, you can get your portable dental unit with an air compressor at an affordable and industry-leading price. It is a part of our mission to provide dental equipment that will last a lifetime. With the help of our quality assurance team, we strive hard to ensure that our products will have a working performance and longer service life. More than anything else, we are proud to be your companion towards providing safe, convenient, and efficient dental care services.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and talk to our team to have your portable dental equipment delivered as soon as possible.