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Air compressors play a vital role in the air filtering and sterilisation process. In order to provide well-pressurised air in dental clinics and medical facilities, we expect this equipment to stay efficient at all times. However, like all machines, the internal workings of the air pressure system require maintenance. It is essential to know the different air compressor parts to keep your air supply at its best. Get to learn more about maintaining your air compression machine by reading from this article.


Air Compressor Parts: Overview

Whether you own an air compressor or considering buying one, it is handy to have the different parts’ essential background and functions. Once you get to know the important parts of an air pressuriser, you can preserve your machine’s quality and enjoy the benefits of well-functioning equipment while saving costs.


Different Parts of an Air Compressor

Here are the various parts that you can find on an air compression machine:


Compressor Air Filters

The function of your air compression equipment relies on its air filters.  These inlet filters are responsible for keeping the machine away from its enemies, such as dust and dirt. Dirty air filters will affect the output capacity of your air and your machine’s overall system. It is best to keep an eye on your filtering mechanism and replace air filters every once in a while. Consider having two or more of these spare parts on the side to save costs from electric consumption and avoid the hassle of getting a new compressor unit.


Pressure Switches

Visit air compressor has pressure switches. This part serves as your control over whether to start or stop the machine. On several models of air compression machines, pressure switches function mechanically. It helps manage the air pressure and sets it in either an upper or lower compression level.


Other Essential Spare Parts

  • Air Unloader. An unloader valve is one of the essential spare parts of an air compression machine. It is a component of a reciprocating piston compressor that blows off the pressure inside the discharge pipe.
  • Screw Unloader. This valve is responsible for regulating the amount of air that your air compressor will take in.
  • Oil Filters. If your air pressuriser is an oil-operated one, it is essential to have oil filters among your spare parts. It protects all moving parts from breaking down by filtering out any dirt from the oil that could wear down your machine.
  • Check Valves. Check valves are spare parts that you can find in various locations of an air compressor. These valves are essential to ensure that no backflow of air will come into the compressor.


Wrapping It Up

Air compressors are durable, high-functioning, and reliable. It is only essential to have the proper knowledge of your machine’s maintenance to prevent expensive replacement and piling electricity bills. Here at Cattani Compressors, we are glad to offer spare parts for your Cattani Compressors.

Not all air compressors are alike. With today’s innovation and advanced technology, it is normal for machines to have varying parts and systems. So, if you have any questions about your air compressor needs, please do not hesitate to talk to us. We’ll be glad to provide you with the best options possible.