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The use of an efficient air delivery system in dentistry is perhaps one of the most critical aspects to improve safety within the dental clinic. Air compressors provide clean, oil-free air to maintain an aseptic environment for patients and staff.  If you happen to be looking for a portable air compressor for dental use, you’ve come to the right place. Cattani is a world-class brand that offers some of the best possible air compressors explicitly designed to improve a dental practice.


What Are Portable Air Compressors?

Air compressors are an indispensable element in dental practice. It is known to be the heart and lifeline of any dental procedures. This machine helps with compression, cleansing, and air storage, essential in maintaining a hygienic environment in the dental clinic. Often, dental compressors come in large and heavy sizes. These are traditional air compressors that require a high-performance power source before they could operate.

Luckily, advanced technology and innovative practices paved the way towards a smaller version of air compressors. This type is now popularly known as portable compressors. Dentists also use portable air compressors to power up specific tools, which helps facilitate dental treatment easily.


Why Are Portable Air Compressors Important in a Dental Practice?

Air compressors, particularly portable ones, are ideal for dental clinics with limited spaces. It can discreetly fit anywhere, even on workbenches or next to dental chairs. A portable dental compressor is a piece of essential equipment that allows dentists the capacity to deliver safe and efficient surgical procedures anytime, anywhere.

Other than improving patient comfort, it provides an excellent ergonomic workspace for dental practitioners. Portable compressors are lightweight and suitable for mobile use. It also comes with a transportable case that makes packing and unpacking a breeze. Furthermore, it operates silently, which encourages a calmer atmosphere in comparison with other power tools.


How Does A Portable Air Compressor Work?

mobile air compressor functionDental compressors facilitate the basic principle of air compression and pressure. Through a specialised mechanism, the air compressor sucks in external air into a storage tank. Once it reaches a certain amount of pressure, the machine facilitates converting potential energy into kinetic energy. As a result, it has the capacity to power up dental equipment and tools such as suction apparatus, files, and dental drills.

On the other hand, portable air compressors use a particular mechanism called a reciprocating piston. It utilises a moving piston engine that forces air into the storage tank. The valve controls airflow by following a downward stroke. After the air fills the chamber, an upward stroke forces out the air.


What Are the Features of a Portable Air Compressor?

A portable dental compressor is helpful for a wide range of dental functions. Here are some of the most common features that you may enjoy when using a dental compressor:

  • Air Compression System

A portable dental compressor is essential for dental surgeries as it helps lower the dew point of the air on the surface. It compresses the air and eliminates the presence of moisture and other impurities. The inline filtration system and dryer protects dental handpieces and ensures that these tools are free from bacteria.


  • Oil-free Function

In previous times, a conventional air compressor requires oil lubrication for better performance; However, due to filtration and air quality concerns, recent technological innovation paves the way towards oil-free air compressors. Today, most portable air compressors come as an oil-free system that is much more fit to comply with health protocols and safety standards.


  • Noise Mitigation

In dental practice, there is nothing more vital than maintaining patient comfort. In these circumstances, a dental compressor must have noise-mitigating features. Luckily, portable air compressors now have specialised filters which eliminate the sound of air rushing to and from the compressor. This feature is necessary, mainly if your clinic has limited space.


  • Wet and Dry Indicator

In a dental setting, a typical routine in the clinic involves a non-stop dental and surgical treatment. Luckily, portable air compressors come with wet-dry indicators. This feature shows signals that allow the practitioner to manage the equipment and prevent contamination safely. It is essential to avoid damaging delicate dental tools and avoid the formation of rust in most devices.


Do I Need Portable Compressors for my Dental Clinic?

air compressors in dental practiceAs a dental professional, providing quality patient care is essential. Safety and comfort play a crucial role in achieving this goal. If you want to give the best dental service, perhaps one of the best solutions for your dental business is to get a high-functioning air system. With the variety of air regulation systems, you may have come across many types of air compressors, including a portable one.

If you are curious about what benefits can a portable compressor do, we have listed down some advantages that can help you decide whether to get one or not.

  • You can utilise more space in your clinic. While many dental clinics have limited space, this concern should not hinder a safe and efficient dental practice. The good thing about a portable dental compressor is that it requires little space and fits well even in unconventional areas.
  • You can practically place it anywhere. You can install a dental air compressor without stressing yourself, as it can typically go anywhere. However, experts suggest putting it in a central location where it can power multiple tools if you want to boost your performance. By doing so, the compressor is easily reachable while drawing clean air to the surface.
  • You can save a lot of money. Portable air compressors come at affordable prices, which are much less expensive than the conventional types. Additionally, it is durable and does not require constant upkeeping. Most importantly, portable compressors provide a total value for money as they could last a long time, providing you more benefits in the long run.


How Do I Choose the Right Portable Dental Compressor?

Suppose you have taken an interest in getting a portable compressor; it is now time to consider what makes a piece of good quality equipment. Choosing the suitable dental compressor for your clinic all boils down to what your practice requires.

It is best to familiarise yourself with what makes up a powerful dental compressor in a general sense. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing your equipment:

  • Power. Your portable compressor should be able to run and operate at between one to five horsepower to maintain efficient and quality air. Following this power range is necessary to allow a worry-free capacity to pump air.
  • Pressure. Depending on what dental equipment you use, a certain amount of force is necessary to run each tool properly. Your air compressor should provide enough energy that can allow simultaneous operation of your equipment. It is critical to determine if your compressor reaches the necessary pressure for each tool before use. By doing so, you can avoid straining your equipment and prevent unnecessary damages.
  • Production. As a part of the safety guidelines in dental practice, a portable air compressor should exceed the required cubic feet or litres per minute. This requirement is necessary to ensure that your compressor can operate well and accommodate your equipment needs.


Essential Tools for Dental Professionals

Are you looking for a portable air compression system for your clinic? As dental professionals, we understand how much you value maintaining safe and quality air in your clinic. To help you ensure that you will get the most out of your purchase, you can talk to experienced professionals for proper assistance and expert insight for your purchase. Please do not hesitate to ask Cattani Compressors at (02) 8880 9257.