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Maintaining a clear airway is a crucial part of any medical procedure. However, patients are often unable to control their secretions owing to their lack of consciousness during treatments. Therefore, it is almost inevitable to get rid of these obstructions. Luckily, a lot of medical equipment suppliers offer suction devices that can assist patients to breathe while in an on-going treatment. A medical suction machine is one of the most sought-after medical devices primarily used by healthcare professionals. So, what else does this equipment have to offer? Continue reading to find out.


What is a Medical Suction Machine?

Whether you work in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare settings, we cannot stress enough the importance of a medical suction machine. For many, it is a piece of standard equipment that will complete your workplace as it is also helpful in combination with other medical types of machinery. Given their familiar presence in the healthcare setting, it is fairly normal that people get curious about their uses and functions.

In medical and dental practice, healthcare professionals utilise suction machines for clearing a patient’s airway. Aside from removing partial and full obstructions during a medical procedure, this equipment is also capable of the following applications:

  • Assisting patients from vomiting due to seizures or convulsions
  • Clearing secretions such as blood, mucus, saliva, or other bodily fluids
  • Taking away foreign substances from a patient’s lungs and windpipe
  • Other medical aspiration needs


What Are the Different Types of Medical Suction Machines?

In today’s healthcare setting, there are different types of medical aspirators present in the market. The most popular ones are portable, stationary, and manual devices. Each type has its set of advantages and purposes. So how would you know which one fits your clinic? Below is the variety of suction equipment that you can choose from:


Manual Suction Devices

A manual suction machine, as its name states, works manually. It does not require the use of any electricity or batteries. Nonetheless, it still works its charm for clearing the airway. Often, this device is useful in emergencies where electricity cannot function.

It is also available in compact and portable sizes, allowing easy transport for professionals on the go. One downside, however, is it can be challenging to use the device consistently and efficiently for longer periods.


Stationary Suction Machine

Medical Suction Machine typesFor more than a decade, a stationary suction machine is able to maintain its popularity because of its reliability, consistency, and efficiency. It could provide decent emergency care within the four walls of your clinic.

On the other hand, their lack of mobility leaves a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, a stationary suction device may not be the best for traveling professionals.


Portable Suction Machines

Today’s technology continues to make its way in following innovative practices. Due to the increasing number of traveling professionals in medicine and dentistry, portable suction machines are in demand. These are well-designed devices best for mobile clinics. A portable suction machine is lightweight, easy to pack, and perfect to deliver efficient treatment anytime, anywhere.


Why are Medical Suction Machines Important?

Medical practitioners may use a variety of suction devices at different times throughout therapy. Suction machines are very helpful for patients experiencing significant blockages in their oral canals, trachea, or pharynx. Finding the ideal suction device may vary depending on a patient’s condition. While you consider your options, it is best to check out some scenarios where a portable suction machine might be useful in practice.


On-going Patient Care

There are patients who might find it challenging to clear their secretions for several reasons. In this situation, they may need to have a portable suction device at home. A good example is patients undergoing palliative care. These individuals may not have enough avenues to control their secretions. The same also goes for people suffering from chronic diseases and those who have had a tracheostomy.


Pre-hospital/ Pre-clinic Setting

In the hospital setting, portable aspirators are pretty common. They play a crucial role in helping patients establish the airway, breathing, and circulation. In practice, emergency responders utilise these portable suction machines to treat different patient needs. It includes trauma victims who experience blood obstructions in their airways, overdose victims experiencing vomiting, and other victims with respiratory emergencies.


In-hospital Setting

The majority of hospitals feature rooms with fixed, wall-mounted suction devices. Standard operations involving the trachea, sinus-related illnesses, and tonsillectomies frequently need a stationary suction machine.

However, hospitals also keep portable suction devices for specific cases and applications. Suppose a patient requires an aspirator but does not have access to a stationary suction machine. In that case, the care team will look for and obtain a portable aspirator rather than transferring this patient to another room. If the hospital is full capacity, healthcare providers can utilise portable devices to treat patients out of the rooms.


How Does a Medical Suction Machine Work?

Medical suction machines work by generating a negative pressure, which goes directly to a specific plastic tube type, called a single-use catheter. The negative pressure creates a vacuum effect which draws any mucus, blood, or other fluids out of the throat. These fluids then go to the discharging area, which automatically goes into a container for collection.

Users may choose between continuous and intermittent suction modes and regulate the suction level to guarantee that all secretions get removed. Care teams who use customised aspirators may also choose from various flow channels to assist the equipment in running silently during the procedure. Doing so reduces distractions for both the care staff and the patients.


Medical Suction Machine Maintenance

Because a suction machine contains so many parts, you must clean it on a regular basis. To avoid toxic chemicals, medical professionals should clean an aspirator after each use while wearing safety equipment. Afterward, disinfect the reusable parts frequently to ensure the suction machine and its materials are free of harmful pollutants.

Some substances should never come into touch with a suction machine. It would be best if you did not allow grease or oil to enter the system or coat the aspirator’s reusable components. Likewise, you also need to avoid exposing the interior of the aspirator to excessive amounts of water. Also, don’t use hydrocarbon or abrasive cleansers on your suction machine since they might harm the casing or components.


how to find medical aspiratorChoosing Your Medical Suction Machine

It can be easy to lose sight of what is relevant in a society where low-cost, inferior products constantly bombard us. However, there is no alternative for efficient, high-quality equipment when it comes to EMS equipment. A well-made medical suction unit is one of the most critical tools of the trade.


Buy Medical and Dental Equipment for Your Clinic

Medical suction devices of today represent technological advancements that improve emergency care. However, keep in mind that not all suction devices are made equal, so how can you go for the best? Cattani compressors are highly dedicated to delivering world-class medical supplies and needs, making them one of the leading medical equipment providers. Cattani Compressors is happy to cooperate and carry on this tradition by providing Cattani to renowned Australian clinics.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (02) 8880 9257 and speak with one of our helpful representatives. We are delighted to be your partner in delivering safe and effective medical products that improve patient outcomes. You may also learn more about our product by browsing through our catalogue.