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Every dental professional knows just how important the evacuation system is in a patient’s dental procedure. For those of you who are not dental practitioners, the dental evacuation system includes the saliva ejector that you put in your mouth to suction the fluid out of your mouth during a procedure, the dental suction tube, and the trap, the container where the fluid and debris go after suctioning. It is then essential for dental practitioners to make it a habit to clean the evacuation system to improve and maintain the quality of their dental suction in every procedure. But how should they clean their dental suction system? Cattani Compressors gives you 5 things to remember when cleaning and maintaining your dental equipment.


Make It A Habit

Cleaning and disinfecting the suction lines and changing the solid collectors called traps should be performed regularly to maintain the proper function of the equipment. It is not necessary to clean the tubing after every patient, as long as you make sure you clean it at the end of your work for the day.


Choose A Compatible Cleanser

dental suction system

Using cleansers that have harmful chemicals may react to the dental suction system and inadvertently damage the integrity of the dental suction system. Before purchasing an evacuation system cleaner, make sure that the product does not contain chlorine since the chemical can corrode metal parts of the suction system. Contact the manufacturer or research online of compatible cleaners that may aid in sanitizing your equipment.


Use Shock Treatment

Combined with the daily cleaning of the dental suction, make sure that you also schedule a shock treatment done for your evacuation system. This process further sanitizes and removes the sticky debris that was not removed during your daily suction cleaning.


Change or Clean The Suction Trap

It should be a habit that suction traps be changed if they are disposable. Weekly changing of traps should be scheduled to prevent cross-contamination and maintain the sanitation of every dental procedure.


Consult A Specialist

saliva ejector for dental suctionThis reminder should be done not just when choosing the most suitable dental suction system for your practice. Asking the manufacturer about any recommendation when it comes to choosing the cleanser, shock treatment, and other important system changes will ensure that you are taking care of your dental equipment correctly. They are the more knowledgeable ones when it comes to their product, so their insight should not be undermined. Product distributors may also know companies or agencies that provide sterilization and maintenance services to dental practitioners to help them maintain their equipment.


If you are in need of any help with regard to finding the best dental equipment and instrument that you may need for your dental practice, do not hesitate to give us a call at (02) 8880 9257 for more information and assistance.