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Finding the correct air compressor for sale in Australia may help you develop your practice if you want to expand your business. On the other hand, the wrong compressor could put your patients in danger, which puts your profession and license on the line, too.

No one could say air compressors play a short part in your dental visits. In fact, dentists and dental specialists alike consider these machines as essential equipment in every dental practice because they provide power to several of the most critical instruments.

Air Compressor Requirements

While employing a certain type of air compressor does not ensure the absence of pathogens, it can aid in the selection of a compressor while giving the greatest possible air quality. This may make it difficult for any company owner to know what to look for in a dental air compressor and how to select one that will benefit both the business and the patients.

Good Air Quality from Air Compressors

Believe us; your patient feels safer if your compressor can deliver, produce, and utilise cleaner air. This makes eliminating the danger of exposure to germs, microorganisms, and diseases at a dentist’s office of high importance. You can, unknowingly, create a breeding ground for these risks if your air tools produce poor-quality air. You can also incorrectly contaminate and reduce efficiency in your appropriate size air compressor machine parts during wet climates.

instruments using air compressionTo decrease the danger of contamination and enhance the efficiency of dental tools or equipment (air compressor), health departments, like the NHS Estates in the UK, have two special criteria for dental air compressors:

  1. The dryer system should be able to produce air with an ambient dew point of at least –20 degrees Celsius.
  2. Dust filtration down to a micro millimetre with an aerosol efficiency of not less than 99.97 percent and bacteria filtering down to 0.01 m with a DOP (aerosol) efficiency of not less than 99.99 percent shall be provided by the filter system.

A competent air compressor in store for you not only keeps your patients safe but also protects your business, giving you able sales. It performs these tasks to lower the risk of sickness and save the dental professional from a potential lawsuit in cases of negligence or contamination.

Easy Safekeeping of Air Tools

You should also consider how you can properly maintain your petrol air compressors or any dental equipment for this matter. Dental instruments are both costly and delicate. In Australia, the average dentist spends at least $50,000 on powered clinical tools and equipment each year. There are critical adequate controls (power source) and supply maintenance. You’re working against your revenues and limiting your potential to expand if your equipment is damaged and needs to be updated more frequently.

Unsterile, damp, or filthy air can harm multiple tools in your practice, or any equipment that you use every day. The following are some of the most common items or tools that are adversely affected by filthy air:

  • dental air compressorspray guns
  • rotary screw
  • valves of the dental chair
  • dental drills
  • dental handpieces
  • tooth scaler
  • Other machinery ( nail guns, impact wrenches, tool piston, etc.)

When you use a large range but low-quality air compressor system, or the right compressors that supply filthy air or air that has lower pressure than you need, you may notice that these devices perform poorly, if at all.

If the right compressor produces good air pressure but pumps dirty air, you can have a piece of machinery in danger of internal damage, which will shorten its lifespan.

The main issue remains units producing damp air, which damages sensitive interior equipment and renders your tools useless rapidly. Moisture causes corrosion, issues with electricity and power source, microbial contamination, and a reduction in air compressors when it comes to accuracy.

Dental air compressors revolutionised dentistry allowing for more complex dental procedures and better comfort and hygiene for patients and dental practitioners. In Australia, Cattani dental air compressors offer the latest in dental technologies for improved patient experience and more effective dental procedures. Call Cattani Compressors on (02) 8880 9257 for more information on how Cattani dental air compressors can improve your dental practice.



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