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If you’re thinking about updating or expanding your dental practice, one of the first things you should think about is your dental office equipment. Planning to build a dental practice usually entails the purchase of all the necessary dental machines and instruments. It is, nevertheless, critical to ensure that all equipment and instruments are necessary for the comprehensive dental services that you are going to offer. Here is a list of essential equipment that a family dental clinic must have to ensure your practice’s high-quality services and procedures.

Purchasing Dental Equipment

If you currently have everything you need, upgrading the things listed below might improve the look of your family dental clinic, including your patients’ comfort and their entire experience. And even if you want to sell your dental office, improvements to these elements might increase its value and help you receive the best potential price. Whatever the current state of your dental practice, it’s important to check the status of these essential pieces of dental office equipment:


Dental Patient Chairs

Dental patient chairs are an important part of any dental practice’s everyday operations. It’s critical to consider the dental health requirements of the patient, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and dentist when deciding which dental chair is best for your clinic. Whether you offer complex restorative procedures like dental implants, emergency dental care, or cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening and dental veneers, having an ergonomic dental chair can uphold comfort while providing support to your dentist. By being ergonomic, high-quality dental patient chairs should create a favourable patient experience. This implies that it should be padded and have moveable armrests so that patients may easily get on and off.

Dental patient chairs should have programmed settings and a thin backrest to give enough legroom, as well as the ability to make changes using a footswitch or touchpad, to make them more efficient and pleasant for the dentist. They should also have a compatible air compressor to power up the dental equipment you need to use for a specific dental procedure. If the dental chairs in your existing practice don’t meet these requirements, or if they’re worn out, difficult to operate, or soiled, it’s time to replace them.

Sterilisation Equipment

dental clinic essentialsTo avoid the transmission of illness in your office, you must sanitise your equipment, since this is critical to its overall performance and the health of your patients. As a result, high-quality sterilising equipment is critical. Sterilisation equipment aids in the most efficient and effective cleaning of dental instruments. They usually sterilise and dry tools and equipment using steam or dry heat, and they may do it in as little as a few minutes.

In addition to preventing cross-contamination and guaranteeing patient safety, sterilising technology decreases the danger of harm that can occur when sharp dental tools are manually washed.

Dental compressor

The equipment that professionals use in practically every dental visit is powered by a dental air compressor. Pressurised air, water, and suction are provided by this equipment, which is required for the functioning of critical dental equipment and handpieces. Vacuums, separation tanks, and amalgam separators are examples of dental utility equipment. Experienced dentists can’t operate if these pieces of equipment aren’t working, therefore it’s critical that they are in good working order.

Diagnostic Imaging Instruments

You’ll require a piece of imaging equipment to adequately diagnose, treat, and document a patient’s dental condition. Dental X-rays can identify microscopic indicators of oral health problems including infections, gum disease, and cavities early on, allowing dentists to treat them early and effectively. As a result, you can assist your patients to get the best therapy possible while minimising damage. Consider updating to digital X-ray imaging technology if you have classic film X-ray imaging equipment to enhance efficiency and minimise radiation. Higher-resolution pictures are available with digital X-ray equipment, which medical practitioners may access and share instantly through a computer or tablet. Intraoral X-ray sensors, phosphor plate X-ray systems, and digital panoramic X-ray systems are all examples of digital radiography systems worth considering.

Dental Operating Lights

procedures using dental compressorWhether in a family dental clinic or a dental emergency practice, poor lighting may significantly degrade service quality, obstruct operations, and lead to the wrong diagnosis. As a result, high-quality dental operating lights are critical. The best thing is that dental operating lights may be mounted to any delivery system in a dental office, including the ceiling, wall, cabinet, and cabinetry. They contain a range of swing arm choices that allow dentists, hygienists, and assistants to modify the direction of the light to give ideal lighting conditions.

Delivery Systems

Handpieces, vacuums, and air and water syringes are just a few of the electric-powered dental devices that may be easily accessed using dental delivery systems. At least three handpieces can be activated automatically in most delivery systems. They usually come with airflow control, a control panel, and a self-contained waterline with asepsis tubing and a purge system as well. These delivery devices can be mounted on the dental chair or used as a portable delivery unit. If you go for a chair-mounted delivery system, you may put it behind, on the side, or above the patient, depending on your preference.

Operatory Cabinetry

This may be optional, but to keep your practice looking clean and organised, you’ll need effective storage options. It also enables workers to discover and access items rapidly. It’s crucial to think about endurance as well as aesthetics when selecting operatory cabinets for your dental business. This will guarantee that it lasts a long time and provides a pleasant atmosphere for patients. Mobile cabinetry, side cabinetry, rear cabinetry, and centre island cabinetry are all possibilities for cabinets.


dental machinesDental handpieces are required for a wide range of dental procedures, from regular cleanings to complicated surgical procedures. It’s critical to have the correct handpieces for both general and specialised dental treatments to repair or maintain your healthy teeth. Electric dental, hygiene, dental laboratory, high-speed air-driven, and low-speed air-driven handpieces are all important to have in your dental clinic. Before making a purchase, think about how the handpiece feels in your hand, in addition to its function. Will it allow you to easily perform gentle dental care procedures or other complex treatments? To ensure that the dental handpieces are comfortable and simple to use for the dentist, hygienist, specialist, or lab technician, you need to assess their weight, head size, and balance.


Choosing your Dental Equipment

Cattani Compressors is a pioneer supplier in key dental practices in Australia. We endeavour to assist family dental care owners to ensure that the process of building a practice runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (02) 8880 9257 and speak with one of our helpful representatives. We are delighted to be your partner in delivering safe and effective dental machines and products that improve patient outcomes and achieve optimal oral health. You may also learn more about our product by browsing through our catalogue.